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Exclusive Spiratalis collection

The exclusive Spiratalis collection is a unique work that will represent twelve types of knives and daggers designed and produced in relation to particular spiritual topics. They symbolise various states and levels of a spiritual journey.

The sharpness, gracefulness and directness of a cold knife can express more than may be obvious at first sight, and due to this original conception the Spiratalis collection is a world rarity.

The collection was designed by artists Dalibor Vajnar and Petr Šrédl and realised by our best craftsmen. Thus, they have created a work that will become a jewel of each collection as it was only produced in a limited edition. We present you with the current designs under development, and at the same time offer you the possibility of a no-obligation pre-order of the products in this limited collection.

Silentium Kundalíní Anch Samadhi Harmonia et Pax 2in1 Ouroboros Via Spiritus Wu Wei
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