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Samadhi Samadhi


The Samadhi knife has been designed to reflect the highest state of meditative consciousness, which a person can achieve in their life – something deeply spiritual. In a Samadhi state of mind, the individual has moved beyond the perception of their own personal nature, their sense of self has been transcended and is still. In this state, the individual is free from a dualistic perception of self and finds them self at one with the Supreme consciousness. With its sinusoidal curves, the Samadhi knife reflects the intertwined nature of human consciousness on its path to final liberation, which is indicated by the sacred syllable “Om“.

Length: 246 mm   Blade length: 120 mm   Weight: 197 g    Material: damask steel, gold (24 + 14 cr.), mammoth bone  Price: on request

The knife will only be produced in a limited edition!

We offer you the possibility of a no-obligation pre-order of this model, which will be produced in a limited edition of 30 pieces. In thanks for your pre-order we will regularly inform you of the production stage, leaving no doubt that you will soon be the proud owner of this product.
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