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Via Spiritus Via Spiritus

Via Spiritus

Via Spiritus knife is reminding of basic and yet so much forgotten purpose of human life. It is the essence of our being, the source that is to be found. The spiritual path is a part of everything, whether we want or not. Every occurance, every action and deed are leading us offering experience and lessons. It is a long quest in a boat on a wide ocean of infinity...

Lenght: 246 mm   Blade lenght: 142 mm   Weight: 304 g   Material: damask steel, silver 925, gold 14 cr, giraffe bone, duralumin

The knife will only be produced in a limited edition!

You can order this exclusive custom made product from the Spiratalis collection on 50 % advance payment. We will keep you informed about the production progress. If you have any specific requirements, we are ready to satisfy them.
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