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Golden circles

The original design of the Golden circles dagger combines a sturdy appearance with cutouts for optical lightness, the pattern of which is repeated on the guard and pommel. The cutouts get progressively smaller toward the tip of the blade, thus balancing the dagger into a compact unit. The knife is made of several different variations of titanium; the blade and the handle have a matte finish, but the edge and the guard are polished. Another unique element is the use of colourful anodised titanium on the handle. The knife can be delivered sharpened upon request. Included in the package is an original wooden case and certificate of origin.

The dagger was conceived thanks to the collaboration of Milan Pokorný, Dalibor Vajnar and Ota Toferner.

Overall length: 237 mm  
Length of blade: 123 mm
Width of blade at the guard: 28 mm  
Weight: 161 g  
titanium  ​
Price: EUR 1540


Golden circles Golden circles Golden circles
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